Commission Service

Our bespoke commission service for hand painted furniture and lampshades is an excellent way to create a unique and personalised piece for your home interior. Please contact us here to discuss your requirements.

We offer a free initial 20 minute consultation via phone or zoom to discuss your vision. To view examples or our work, please have a look at our portfolio and have a read through our customer testimonials.

Furniture Commissions:

Whether it's a worn out dresser, a tired coffee table or an outdated set of bedside tables, we can breathe new life into your furniture.  Create a cohesive theme throughout your home or let individual pieces stand out as a unique statement.

  • Personalisation: We work closely with you to understand your vision and tailor our services accordingly.
  • Uniqueness: By commissioning a piece, you're investing in something that is one-of-a-kind. It will be a conversation starter in your home, showcasing your individuality and taste. With upcycling, you can transform old, worn-out items into stylish and functional pieces that have character and history.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: The   Vintage Peony Store, we   thoroughly prep our pieces   including a full clean, sand and   prime. All completed work is top   coated with a wax or varnish of   your choice.
  • Sustainability: Upcycling existing furniture is   an  eco-friendly approach to   home   decor. By breathing new life   into old   pieces, you contribute   to   reducing waste and promoting a   more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Lampshade Commissions: We have the tools and expertise to bring your lampshade concepts to life. Customise the size, fabric and pattern to achieve a cohesive look that ties your decor together. We also offer lampshade making workshops - please enquire!