Hand Painted Furniture

All our furniture is either second hand, vintage or antique. As to be expected, there many be small dinks or marks in keeping with the history of the piece. You are purchasing something that tells it’s own story, something unique and bespoke.

The furniture we sell is structurally sound. Electrics are re-wired and glass is re-cut and replaced when necessary. All pieces are top coated for longevity.

Hand painted furniture may show very slight imperfections in the finish such as brush strokes or slight variation in colour.

If you are unsure of the colour that has been photographed, we can send you for reference, a sample stick.


All painted furniture takes 28 days to cure. Care should be taken during this time.

Please do not use harsh chemicals on your furniture, cleaning with a slightly damp cloth or clean duster will suffice.

Take care with sharp objects and use coasters for anything hot that can be placed on the surface. If cared for correctly, your furniture will last for many years.

Lampshades and Upholstery

All our upholstery meets British Safety Standards Fire Regulations. For fabric lamps use a slightly damp cloth and gently wipe. Fringe lampshade braid can be straightened by dampening. For stools, and cushions, they can be given a very light hand held hoover.