Collection: Commission a Piece of Furniture

What does it mean to commission a piece of furniture?

When you engage The Vintage Peony Store to refinish a piece of furniture, you're initiating a collaborative journey towards crafting a bespoke creation tailored precisely to your tastes and requirements.

The Vintage Peony Store views each piece of furniture as an expression of your individual style, capable of being transformed into a distinctive work of art that mirrors your preferences and imagination. Our personalised commissioning process empowers you to materialise your ideal furniture piece.

Immerse yourself in the excitement of crafting a unique masterpiece that echoes your persona, style, and aspirations. It transcends mere acquisition; it's about crafting a personalised masterpiece that embodies your distinct style, character, and aspirations.

Commissioning a furniture piece is a joint endeavor between us. It commences with a spark of inspiration—an idea, a longing, a vision of the perfect piece to elevate your environment and enrich your lifestyle.