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Baby Nursery and Children's Room 20cm lampshade with Hares & Pine Forest print (Swedish Fabric Company)

Baby Nursery and Children's Room 20cm lampshade with Hares & Pine Forest print (Swedish Fabric Company)

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Discover the serene charm of our Scandinavian-inspired lampshades for babies and children. Embrace the tranquil beauty of nature with our collection featuring calming forest animals, vibrant florals, and muted neutral tones. Designed to create a soothing ambiance in nurseries and bedrooms, these lampshades bring the essence of the outdoors indoors. Let your little one's imagination wander amidst the calming glow of our lamps, fostering a sense of peace and connection with the natural world.

This wonderful fabric from Ardivssons at the Swedish Fabric Company portrays a design taken from Nordic Mythology. Skades was a goddess associated with skiing, winter and the mountains. Skades Langtan translates to Skades longing. This beautiful shade depicts are the snow covered mountains and even some winter hares that Skades missed so much.

100% Cotton.

Available to make on order in a drum shade with white inner 20cm diameter, 18cm in height.

Available lampshades are listed, if you wish to have one made please contact us and allow two weeks for manufacture and delivery.

What type of lamp holders will fit this lampshade?
The frame is manufactured to fit European lamp holders, and a Converter/Reducer Adaptor plug is supplied fitted to reduce the aperture so it can fit UK lamp holders. 

Bulb Advice:
We recommend the use of low energy bulbs with your lampshades. They use less energy and are cool to the touch, avoiding the problem of scorching shades and ceilings.

Our lampshade materials have been tested and passed the glow wire test carried out by the Lighting Association.

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