Celebrating a Fantastic September 2023: Our Local Show Experience in The Gransdens, Cambridgeshire

September 2023 marked an exciting and successful chapter for our business as we participated in our beloved local show, situated in the charming villages of The Gransdens, Cambridgeshire. The event to showcase our painted furniture and hand made lampshades turned out to be a fabulous experience that allowed us to connect with both long-time clients and new faces. The show garnered a remarkable number of attendees, and the warm reception we received left us buzzing with delight. Amidst the crowd's admiration for our products, we found ourselves engaged in countless conversations about the artistic techniques that make our statement furniture truly unique.

Van Adventures: One of the highlights of the show was our decision to rent a van to transport our products. The van was packed to the brim, and it felt like a significant step for our growing business. As we reflect on this experience, we can't help but wonder if full-time van ownership will soon become a reality. The convenience and efficiency it brought to our operation were undeniable.

Perfect Weather and Swishy Lampshades: Mother Nature was on our side during the event, providing us with favorable weather conditions. The gentle breeze played with the tassels of our 'swishy' lampshades, creating an enchanting atmosphere at our tradestand. It's these small details that make the entire experience memorable and enchanting.

Strategic Tradestand Layout: We put considerable thought into the layout of our stand, aiming to showcase our statement pieces in the most visually striking manner. Two of our standout items, a Lebus-style chest of drawers adorned with floral decoupage and a Stag Tall Boy featuring gold transfer details  took centre stage at the rear of the stand. The exquisite gold bird song design on the Stag Tall Boy glistened in the sunlight, serving as a testament to the countless hours of dedication and craftsmanship that went into creating it.

Connecting with Our Audience: The show provided an opportunity to interact with our customers and enthusiasts alike. We were thrilled to hear their fabulous comments about our products and the various artistic techniques that go into making our statement furniture. The genuine interest in our work was heartening and motivating.

Sales Success and Exciting Commissions: The local show was more than just a gathering of like-minded individuals; it was a platform for us to showcase our creations and meet wonderful people. Beyond the immediate sales, our increased visibility at the event has paved the way for some exciting commissions on the horizon. We can hardly contain our anticipation for what the future holds.

The show was a resounding success, leaving us with cherished memories and an expanding network of clients and admirers. The warm reception, the positive feedback, and the interest in our artistic techniques reaffirmed our passion for creating statement furniture. As we look ahead, the prospect of owning a full-time van and the promising commissions on the horizon fill us with excitement. We invite you to join us on this journey and watch this space for more incredible updates and creations from our team. 

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